Split meshes with a bounding box?

split mesh with bounding box.gh (24.2 KB)

I’m trying to split the offset-mesh using the bounding box as a cutting object, but the resulting meshes are only these two:

How can I extract the parts of the offset-mesh that are inside the bounding box (which represents the crystal pattern building unit)?

I’ve tried removing the offset mesh by distance component thinking that it might cause unwanted complexities but that wasn’t the problem.

Please internalise the input mesh

INTERNALIZED split mesh with bounding box.gh (135.1 KB)

here is the internalized mesh version.

Does this look right?

INTERNALIZED split mesh with bounding box.gh (138.3 KB)

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This looks very right :grinning: thank you!
so turns out that the problem was with the normals of the mesh.

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I think so, yes.

I did not look at the beginning of the definition maybe you can fix the direction further up stream…

if it’s not too much trouble, can you explain to me why flipping the normals fixed the problem?

also, why does the component fail to collect input when I remove the offset mesh component from the definition?

EDIT: there also seems to be another problem, where the crystalline basic unit, after extraction, will not yield a cohesive lattice after applying box-array to it again. and I’m guessing that the problem is that I used the mesh offset component where I should not have because it does not align with the original bounding box.

Because it changes what’s inside or outside