Split leaves many edges

I have noticed unusual affairs when using the Split tool.
If I choose all 3 curves for once, then the first curve leaves 1 edge, and all others parts.
It is possible to use the Split tool 3 times and then uniform edges turn out.
I can control this process somehow?
Untitled.3dm (173.7 KB)


Hm - so far I cannot generate the multiple edges here…


Tried in Rhino 5?

Well, obviously in V5, you need to split one by one if you want the ‘unified’ edges. I have no idea why this is, it must take a different route through the code with multiples - in any case, at least as far as I can see today, there is no difference in V6, you only get ‘unified’.


As I see - in Rhino 6 many errors are corrected… :thinking: