Split is failing

This must seem like a super simple thing, but for the life of me I can’t get this split to work. I’ve tried using a curve and a surface but nothing works. Attempting to miter each corner here

rhino fail intersect example.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hello - Split cannot split unless the result is two or more pieces.

If for some reason you need that seam in the polysurface there you can NonManifoldMerge the two objects and then ExtractSrf the plane. But practically, I do not know what they will get you.


Thanks for this, makes sense for an object like this.

I’m testing this out other splits and I seem to get varied results, depending on they type of curve and where it’s placed in relationship to the geometry - in front of, behind, or touching. Any explanation for this? I’m running all the Split commands in FRONT view
Split tests.3dm (307.8 KB)

Hi Thomas - all of these case should work in Front in V7. In perspective, the cases where the curve is on the face of the box will fail. This is a known limitation and is there because of changes that fix many other split and trim failures - if the cutting curve lies on a face of the target object, trim from a plan view or move the curve off - the difference is, if the curve is off of the face then it will be projected through, if it is on the face it will not be projected and thus not cut the other faces in the object.