Split fails with bad objects


Here’s another example of split failed between a simple closed polysurface and a simple plane.
Don’t understand why is this happening.
19112 polysurface-plane split failed.3dm (153.0 KB)

Please check attached rhino file,
Thank you.

ehm… a simply invalid polysurface?

you should check your objects properties regularly., i cant speak for what ever you produced before but when you produce crappy geometry you have no-one else to blame.

clean that mess up however you got there and voila. it really is not that hard…


hi @encephalon,

Indeed I noticed this in the meantime, no need to get so preachy with me. :smiley:
I notice that checknewobjects can be switched to on. but, since I work with or check large amounts of geometry the pup-up becomes annoying and I have to switch it off.

It could be more useful if checknewobjects will mark the geometry somehow, like with a different color. instead of pushing a pop-up

but… i am your father luke… :wink:

yup, good idea

ok father :D,

you might want to check this post here related to custom functionality via always-running py scripts:

You shouldn’t be having bad objects, no matter how large the amount of geometry…

If you really think that it’s OK to have bad objects, you can run SelBadObjects whenever you are ready for it…

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What I’m trying to say is that when I manipulate a very complex model there’s more chances for bad objects to happen. Especially when changing geometry using SolidPtOn. Until we get to a final design of a shape that shape goes trough hundreds of variations which don’t need to be 100% clean.

that is generally a very tricky tool to use since that might be the cause of your invalid geometry or at least can lead to it very fast. it is a handy tool but only when you know what you are actually causing because some of those surfaces can be rebuilt and you dont even notice it. bending around polysurfaces is really just for the dark side of the force :wink:

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yeah but sometimes a point will move in the same plane, even by using project-on and still you get horrid results.
nevertheless still handy

I posted here a bad object example which comes from split not from solidpton

since you changed the name of the topic, my words have become a bit obsolete. no idea what you are trying to prove. if you think as wim said that bad objects is generally ok to have and that split should work with such seems pretty non sensical.

I’m just debugging a little bit, trying to understand what’s wrong. Not trying to prove anything.

Hello - the file has a tolerance of one unit - this is just not a good idea - use .01 - .000001 as a rule.

If you explode and RebuildEdges on the polysurface, you’ll see all kinds of problems…


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