Split failed

Hey there. New here the first time I need to write the topic. Most of the time the problems I have were answered by the forums.
So As you can see there are two similar branches in the definition for the profiles.
I want them to be cut on the bisector and everything is fine and dandy till there is a problem in one of the split operators. And this time it doesn`t tell me very concretely what is wrong. It only says “split did not succeed”.
Sooo a little bit of help will be needed here.
Here is a definition and a 3d model.
Also sorry for the mess in the definition still trying to be cleaner

Split problem.3dm (319.7 KB)
Split problem.gh (26.2 KB)

Split problem_re.gh (44.1 KB)

Ahaa I understand now. For some reason this works with multiple breps not s single one.