Split failed, but intersection curve is complete

Hello everyone, I tried to add a half sphere to a surface by using the halfsphere to split the surface and then joining the rest, but split command didn’t work – even though I got a (complete and closed) intersection curve of both. Using that to split the surface worked sometimes, somtimes not. Extracting that curve into a pipe surface didn’t work either, I even got the message that the two didn’t intersect.
Duplicating the edge of the halfsphere and using that to split – again: sometimes worked, and then not, but I see no system in it.
Is that a known issue and is there a work around?
Thanks in advance! Jan

fail-1 fail-2 fail-3

Split fail.3dm (2.6 MB)

Running _SelBadObjects on your file selects your flat surface.

Running _Check on the flat surface produces this:

Not sure exactly what this means or if it can be repaired.

I recreated the flat surface with DupEdge and _PlanarSrf.

Your half spheres still would not split and join correctly (perhaps they were made by trimming with the bad surface?).

I recreated the half spheres and all seems to split and join without errors.


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Hi Kevin,
thanks a lot – yes, that worked for me. Looks like I’ll have to get used checking all surfaces when something like this happens again. But it’s good to know where to look :slight_smile:
Best regards Jan