Split faces by another object


I need to achieve split of closed polysurfaces so that only faces are split but not separated from the polysurface.

I want to divide faces by adjacent objects. When i use split command touching faces are extracted from original solid, not just split.

Is there any good solution which would automate this? Ideally i would select all objects and they would be all split at once…

I can think of a macro which would work for splitting only one object againts another but thats not really that good. (split 1 againts 2, sellast, join …)

Hello - not all in one shot, that I know of - you can try NonManifoldMerge and then ExtractSrf and delete the parts you do not want.

Another way: you can Intersect the objects and then use SplitFace > Curves to split individual faces.


To explain why this is useful maybe for future command option consideration.
I can think of suboption in split command something like: keep closed polysufraces closed true/false

I model concrete parts as simply as possible per partes but at the end i have to split them because i need to be able to select only faces which are exposed to outside environment. I could do it easily if i unioned them all but I also need to preserve parts structure so unioning parts into one is out of option.

Could you make a request please if my usufulnesss justification is compelling.