Split Exterior Edges of a Surface into 4 Edges

Hi everyone,
I oriented a joined curve into multi planes and then make a surface by using loft component.Now I want to have the lengths of the exterior edges, but after using deconstruct brep component, the edges are split into more than 4 edges.

joined curve.gh (25.3 KB)


It can’t help…

As you see in the picture,one edge of surface is split into 6 curves but I need it as a single curve to have its length.

Sorry I misunderstood your problem. And I don’t have Pufferfish so it’s unclear what the goal of your definition is after the Loft component.

I see 17 polysurfaces.

The length of the selected polyline on your screenshot you already know. It’s 1556.492582

The length of the line in the other direction is also there. You have 17 lines and you can get the length of those easily.

Maybe I still don’t understand which edge length you need?

One thing that might confuse you is that your input curve is not one curve but a polyline.

You can of course rebuild your input curve so it is one curve and not a polyline.

It’s near to what I want but I need to have 4 edges. How can I split them based on their planes?

joined curve_mrtn.gh (29.4 KB)


Thanks so much​:pray::tulip:

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