Split document in multiple parts and export as PDF?



I’m trying to make some automation in Rhino using Grasshopper and I can’t find a way to export every panel from this document as a separate PDF file. I know that Elefront and Lunchbox have some components to achieve this but I can’t find any kind of documentation on how I can achieve this task.

Split_in_multiple_parts_and_export_as_pdf.3dm (51.8 KB)

(David S. Mavrov) #2

I think this would work…


Thank you for replay. I seen that page before but still I can’t find a way how to automatically split this document in six different pieces and export every piece as separate document.

(David S. Mavrov) #4

When I open the file I am missing the text, anotations, layers…


Sorry, seems that was a problem with the export. I re-upload this file.

Split_in_multiple_parts_and_export_as_pdf.zip (32.1 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #6

To export to multiple files look at the end of Elefront video
In the example Ramon van der Heijden exports to DWG