Split Disjoint Brep?

Is there a way to Split a disjoint brep similar to what the SplitDisjointMesh does to meshes? In one of my methods I’ve created a brep consisting of separate disconnected polysurfaces. How would I go about splitting them up without splitting each polysurface into separate surfaces?

Not that I know of. I guess meshes differentiate between welded/unwelded and joined/disjoint, whereas polysurfaces are different, just distinct sub-surfaces.
However, you could probably keep track of the disconnected polysurfaces (indices of sub-surfaces/faces that belong together?) and reconstruct them from the individual faces of the brep, where needed, or - if possible - simply don’t join them into a larger polysurface in the first place.

Hi @siemen,

I’ve added a new Brep.GetConnectedComponents method to RhinoCommon that should help with this. Expect to see this method in the 7.18 release candidate.


– Dale


Yeah I was hoping I wouldn’t have to figure out a way to do this myself :clown_face: Thanks a lot for your input!


The first Rhino 7 Service Release 18 Release Candidate has just been released – you should find the new method that Dale added (see RH-68189)!

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RH-68189 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 18