Split difference

Hi there,

Is there a way to easily subtract/delete the leftover surfaces/curves after performing a split command?

Something similar to BooleanDifference but for surfaces and curves?
Perhaps I’m missing something obvious…


Hi Jeremy -

With the Split command, there is no way for Rhino to know what you consider to be leftovers.
Have you tried using the Trim command?

Ah thanks Wim.

With the Trim command, when using the secondary command option of -SelBrush, rhino freezes. So it’s not an easy workaround.
The best solution so far seems to be the lasso tool after the Split command. There also is the select by closed volume option which may be helpful.


Hi Jeremy - if you preselect and Split, then Ctrl-click on the thing(s) to keep, then hit Delete or Hide or whatever you want to do with the leftovers, that works well if there are not too many things to keep.


Hi Pascal,
Yea, this has been a well used solution. It’s a bit harder however when you’re working with many small geometries which are harder to notice by eye, and which are the result of parametric operations.

THe select by closed volume command seems to be working a charm. The only requirement is that you enlarge this objec (just used for splitting) by like 1.001 factor for it to include everything missed by the tolerance.