Split curves into straight lines

Hi all,

I’ve searched and found some similar questions, but haven’t been able to apply it to my specific challenge. I’m new to grasshopper and trying to make a wireframe of a dome with a Fibonacci pattern on it.

I want to take the smooth curves I’ve generated and make them into straight lines between each segment, and keep them as straight lines when projected onto the dome (IE the split points that i’ve generated project onto the dome and the lines connect them).

I think the answer lies in sorting the point data from MCX and passing it to LINE or PLINE, but i’m not getting there myself.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

03.23.20 - dome.3dm (110.3 KB)

Hi and welcome to this forum!

You might find useful to read this: How to ask effective questions

Your attached .3dm file contains only 2 surfaces and a circle curve … there is no “smooth” curves you mention. Maybe you missed some geometry during the export.
Did you try something on grasshopper?
What you achieved so far?