Split closed breps with multiple curves / polylines?

Hi! I’m trying to split this loft or closed brep with curves so that I can get each level of the pit separately, meaning, each horizontal ring (red) in one list, and each vertical ring (blue) in another list. Any ideas? Thank you!!

Protocolo Productivo 18.10.gh (88.8 KB)

I believe this closed brep is a polysurface if you want to split it first you need to explode it

And how do I explode a brep?

In GH - deconstruct brep

You will get a list of all faces use it in the split command

And how do you know how to get the vertical aside from the horizontal faces?

That is the least of your problems you should try to model this starting with that. Model all horizontals then all verticals.

But if you want it like that you’ll have to use ListItem component with integer number slider and see which are which, take notes of the indecies the create a list in a panel (multiline off) and replace the number slider with the list

here’s a solution for separating the steps from the risers.

Would you mind sending me the gh definition because I don’t understand the components symbols!

they are a labeled; so that you can double click in GH canvas, type the name and get the components.

Protocolo Productivo 18.10 re.gh (99.0 KB)

Thank you! And how do you select the horizontal faces?

either invert the mask into the Cull Pattern or put the inequality output into the P - of the Cull Pattern.

And how do I list item every level? Is it possible? Also Could you explain the logic of the definition? Because I don’t understand it. Thank you very much though!

The logic being that you can separate/sort by x,y,z properties of objects. In the first case vectors of the normal will all be pointing in the same direction. Or that the levels will share the same z coordinate.

Protocolo Productivo 18.10 re2.gh (107.6 KB)

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