Split brep

Hello, I have a problem using the Split Brep command. I would like the objects to cut to have “holes” where the intersection with the cutting object is, but the holes are not closed for some reason… in other words I would like to delete the holes created on the cutting object.


q_gh_split.gh (263.5 KB)

q_gh_split_re.gh (263.7 KB)

Is this what you want?..

Exactly, thank you!

Would you mind having a look at this? I just slightly changed the breps and now I dont get the same result…


q_gh_split_02.gh (265.5 KB)

q_gh_split_re02.gh (272.1 KB)

I think it’s best to do this…

That is working fine, but as soon as I change shapes to split or cutting objects it doesent work. Is there a more general solution? Attached is one example where I can not get your script to work…

q_gh_split_03.gh (571.2 KB)

q_gh_split_re03.gh (275.9 KB)

It’s complicated, but it’ll work exactly…


I have on last question (I promise), what if I would like to trim the beams with thoose small boxes (see screenshot).

q_gh_split_04.gh (204.6 KB)

q_gh_split_re04.gh (287.7 KB)

looking good but… why dont I get the same result? Do you know whats wrong with my brep?

q_gh_split_05.gh (293.0 KB)

q_gh_split_re05.gh (295.1 KB)

Check out what problems ‘BREP(B)’ has.

Wow, thanks! I dont know what you did but its working perfectly now! Thank you so much!