Split Brep Multiple: Cutters not touching? How to extend?


I´ve got this definition with a surface I try to cut with these breps that are “grown out” of the same surface. No luck, as I guess the cutters don´t really meet the surface, allthough they theoretically should. Or is it about something else?

I´d like to be able to extend the edges of the cutter breps that are against the surface, so the cutting would work. There is the Extend Surface but it doesn´t help with breps.

Or any other way to cut holes in the surfaces and then join the cutter breps into it to form one open brep.

Moving the cutters in relation to the surface is apparently not a solution as then I can´t join everything together… I´m out of ideas :smiley:

220412hexCutter_remix.gh (23.0 KB)

I managed to do it by moving and splitting the cutters too before joining everything… but it´s a dirty trick.

I’m not sure what are you going to do, anyway IMO, you could by any chance use Copy Trim in this case…

220412hexCutter_remix_re.gh (14.1 KB)

OK cool, I didn´t know about this component.

Also I don´t quite yet know what I´m doing with this :smiley: just practising.

BTW why are there these Construct Domains before the Rectangle? Seems to work without them too…