Split and Trim tool icons stop responding

I can still type in the commands and continue working, but this is an occasional buggy thing when a file’s been open for a while. Close and reopen will fix it, but it seems like it’s worth looking into.

That is very sporadic, it has happened to me from time to time, actually just the other day for the first time in a while.

Found this old post from May … Some Icons in Main tools - Ribbon bar not working

Now hat I think about it the other day it was the join & Explode icons that stopped working.

Explode icon, for me.

Weird. I think I’ve seen this before too. @rhinorudi, I noticed in your other post that this is highlighted in the “Rhino for Windows” theme style toolbars - does this also happen with left-toolbar and floating palettes - as far as you can tell? @JKayten and @DigiFabLab, do you use the “Rhino for Windows” theme toolbars? Or does this seem like something that happens regardless of where these buttons show up?

I never use the left-toolbar, anymore, so no option there. I rarely use floating palettes, but I could have a set on my second monitor and test it, next time I notice it. Would that help?

I use the mac version with a customization I learned from Jeff_hammond. I’ve also had the explode and join icons fail as well.

Left toolbar. Believe it’s the std mac setup, but not in front of rhino right now. Two columns. Very rare, but only in 5.1. ~Dave

Sorry, I’m slow to respond. No thanks, that’s ok. I don’t think this bug is restricted to a specific context of the tool palette presentation (be it in a sidebar, etc). I’m still investigating.

@dan: Just checked my setup. Turns out I’m not using the “std mac setup”, but a custom theme. Sorry to misremember! Images enclosed in case this helps any. ~Dave

Any progress on this problem? I still have this set of tools stop working after about 20 minutes or after a particularly processor intensive step like ‘intersection’

Again, apologies for the delayed reply. No progress, I’m afraid. I still can’t figure out how to reproduce this.

Even though I’m unable to reproduce this, I’m logging this to gather more information (MR-2524)

I use the Windows version and when working with large files Rhino stops working for a while. I finally realized the cause was autosave executing a save. No idea if autosave has anything to do with problem reported here.

No, I don’t think that’s it. It definitely happens whenever I make modifications to the popup menu. And it only occurs in that particular document. If I open a new file the commands work.

Sorry I didn’t note this earlier. Maybe that will help Dan. If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know. I’m running a deficit on helpfulness so far in this forum.


Thanks for the info and offer of help. This is just one of those “very difficult to reliably reproduce” bugs.

Join the club :wink: