Split and rotate the mesh parts


I’m kind of new to grasshopper but at least I believe I understand a bit now :slight_smile:

Please note that I’m using Dendro and Anemone plugins

I am working on an art project where I have to split an imported mesh at several planes, and turn the individual pieces a number of degrees. I have it working to some extent, but the result is not as expected. Instead of rotating each part of the mesh individually it seems like at each plane it rotates all below it from the starting point “ignoring” that the piece below the first plane was already rotated. It therefore ends up as if I rotated the entire mesh a number of degrees.

The end result should be that the mesh was cut in a number of layers and each layer was rotated a specific number of degrees.

As the art is not for public display yet I have exchanged the original mesh with an stl containing an Electronics box, but the result is the same.