Split a Variable Sequence at a Specific Value

(Please forgive the cross post from the grasshopper page)

This is a very basic question:

I have a variable sequence as a domain, generally including both positive and negative real numbers. I want to split the sequence at 1.0, and the index of this value is uncertain. How do I retrieve 1.0 and use
it to split the sequence into two domains, one being all x < 1.0, the other being all x >= 1.0?

It seems fairly straight forward but it’s taking me some time to find the right method. If anyone can share some insight, I would appreciate it very much.


I don’t know if this is what you want, but you can use the “less than” component which will give you a list of True/False values which you can plug into the “Dispatch” component to separate the lists…


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Thank you Mitch, this works very well.