Split a tree into more than two lists

Hi everyone,

I have a tree that consists of multiple branches. Each branch consists of two elements with indices 0 and 1, respectively. I want to separate all the 0 indices in a separate tree and the 1 indices in another. This is simply done by using the ‘List Item’ component, two of them. I post a screenshot of the components:

Now, I have a similar tree with multiple branches but this time more than two elements (or two indices). The number of elements in a single branch is indefinite. How can I again do the same thing but with more indices per branch (the 0 indices alone, the 1 indices alone, …). Is there a single component that is able to do so automatically? I tried the ‘Split List’ component but this is only able to split two lists (List A and List B). I want to be able to give any number of elements per branch and grasshopper automatically splits according to the above criterion. Any help is really appreciated. Thank you very much!

Flip Matrix

After that what kind of component I can use to separate these multiple branches? They are more than two branches!

Show your gh

The flip matrix was able into turn this tree to two branches:

Now I have each branch grouped separately. How to split each branch in a separate tree.

P.S: I have more than two trees.

I used explode component but is there another way to do it automatically rather than manually. In explode component, I need to add branches manually on the right side of this component!

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I attach a copy of the gh file. The data is internalized in the flip matrix component.

Split_Tree_into_Separate_Branches.gh (11.5 KB)