Split a surface in x surfaces having x width


Given the surface from attached picture:


The surface has got a width of 16 meters. I would like to create 4 (must be variable) surfaces in the mid of this surface with a width of 3 (must also be variable) meters. This means i have got 2 meters left on each side. Is there any way to do this and make it all variable?

To be more clear i have attached this picture:

EDIT: Click on the picture to see the measurements.

Hoping i am clear enough,

Thanks in advance.

The offset on surface component ran slowly on my machine so be careful when you enable the input surface.

srfoffset.gh (14.1 KB)

This gives 3 surfaces when i need 2 surfaces. I don’t think this is the right solution. May be mistaken though. Quite new at this

Try this

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