Spline to Arcs

Hello there!

I’m trying to improve my following definition (the spline is in the rhino file).

What I try to reach is a gh approach to replace this kind of twisted spline (as in my rhino file) by arcs, morever, I would like the definition to be intelligent enough to erase the spline with as few arcs as possible but as close as possible of the old spline (like 1mm difference max), a plus would be to control the degree of proximity/number of arcs created…

Thank you very much in advance

There is a very powerful plugin not many people talk about called Viper.
It has one component that can do exactly what you want here.

Download from here:

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harsh to install :stuck_out_tongue: I keep you in touch

Do you know how to install this plug easily on rhino 7 ?

It is Github

My plugin Nautilus can also do that. It is named polyline to lines and arcs but accept curve as input (they are transformed inside)

Here with a tolerance of 2 middle point of arc is between 0.02 to 0.6 from the initial curve