Splash screen again

I replied to a 7 year old thread and got lost.
My V8 splash screen is closing before I can even pick a file.
I’ve tried hovering, clenching my teeth…

I do made an alias “A” that runs this command: ! _About and I just press the a key and space on my keyboard so the About screen appears and from there I do select one of the recent projects to work with. Hope this helps.

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Wow, hadn’t thought of that; and it works too!
“A” would normally be arc, but I rarely use it for that.
So I set it as you suggested.
I didn’t call this the solution, because it seems my splash screen should not disappear too fast when opening Rhino. We’ll see what the insiders say…

Then you can add the ! _About command to the Options/General/Command Lists/Run these commands every time Rhino starts:

If the “A” it is in conflict with something, you can create an “AA” alias or whatever suits you best.

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you can create a new Rhino 8 shortcut the a ‘No Splash’ flag.

“C:\Program Files\Rhino 5\System\Rhino.exe” /nosplash

Added !_About
to my start options, and it almost works.
screen pops up, blinks out, comes back.
But when I touch the file of choice, I get the open command.
Then when I escaped out of that, the chosen file opened.
Kinda quicker, still a few bugs.
(did it again to see if I did it wrong)