Spheres along spline and Input value list management

Hi dear community, this is what I’m trying to achieve! If you could help me, it would be great :smiley:

I would like to improve this gh/pyth definition in different ways:

Currently, this is what I can do with this definition: I can scatter spheres of different size along a chosen spline. The diameter of the Boolean interference between those spheres is the same even if the spheres don’t have the same size.

The rules :

A sphere = R40m (Diam 80mm)

B sphere = R50m (Diam 100mm)

(that the complex part to me) >>>

The keys :

“A(A_before)” means that you have the info of the kind of sphere I want “A”(the size) and the info of the distance between the sphere I want and the sphere before “(A_before)” to keep the same bolean intersection each time.

1/ The first thing I try to reach : I would like to improve the way I can manage the value lists components in my definition (each value list component give the data for one sphere), I would like to have the possibility to write a sequence like AABBAABB… or ABCABC… etc in input in the pyth script part.

And with a button component (for example) it would allow me to create directly on the grasshopper canvas the corresponding value list components in the good order corresponding to the sequence I wrote before (on a panel for example). (image)

2/ My second point is : I would like to know if it was possible to have a little picture or representation drawing on the gh canvas associated to the different value list component,

For example :

A = little red sphere

B = Medium green sphere

C = Big blue sphere

I mean that would allow me to have directly on the gh canvas the vision and a representation of the spheres sequence…

(In my dream, I would like to have a tools where I just have to move spheres’s miniatures in the gh canvas and then it gives in Rhino on the Spline the good spheres order with the good size and the good space between the spheres (wich keep the same bolean intersections… etc) :smiley: I just let this here… (image)

here is the defintion and the rhino scene


Thank you very much in advance for your help :smiley: