Sphere not working in grasshopper

hi, I’m a new rhino/ grasshopper user.
I am trying to create a sphere for my sunbath diagram in grasshopper and the command doesn’t seem to work. when I join the point command and the base of the sphere it doesn’t appear in rhino.
However when I join the point command with the radius of the sphere it appears in rhino but I can’t adjust the radius.

B needs a Base Plane, not a Point. Presumably the Base Plane include their own Point or its origin is used.

hi, thank you for your reply.

I have tried to make a base plane but the same thing happened

I am trying to follow a sun path tutorial on YT and this is what the guide is doing.

The Tutorial is connecting the number slider output to the Radius input on the Sphere.

Thank you, i transferred the entire model onto the base plane then it worked :grin: