Sphere grid. How?

I need to create a spherical 6"x6" grid. I’ve been trying orient on surface but it doesn’t work for me. Can someone help? Thank you.

Hmmm - what does this mean, exactly?


Imagine chicken wire stretched over a sphere.

That is the key word! it would indeed have to be stretched and/or compressed - so much for your 6 inch grid!


I really only need it to be a dome (half sphere)

I assume you want a grid similar to the points at the intersection of lines of latitude and longitude on the earth, and with the poles along the Z axis…

For a grid of points:

Point at 0,0,3

ArrayPolar the point just created in front or right view. Center at 0,0,0. Number of items as desired in 180 degrees (13 for 15 degree increments), Angle = 180 degrees.

ArrayPolar the points from previous ArrayPolar in top view. Center at 0,0,0. Number of items as desired in 360 degrees (25 for 15 degree increments). Angle = 360 degrees.

SelDup and Delete to delete the duplicate points at the poles.

Perhaps create a suitable polyhedron and then DupEdges.

I need a real wire mesh over the dome, not just points. Imagine a real chicken wire grid/mesh laid over a half sphere.

Hello - you can try testQuadSphere and boost the isocurve density until you like it, then ExtractWireFrame. It will still be distorted, just not in a polar way




Hi Pascal,

I’m tryind to do this with a sphere but what is a name of the comand? I can’t find it.

Hi Diana - testQuadSphere but it is a test command so you’ll need to type the whole thing, it will not autocomplete.