Spell check unfinished...?

(6.0.17325.8311, 21/11/2017)

It appears the dictionary is still not not hooked up so as to be accessible for correction when text is flagged as mis-spelt or unrecognised…?
I would expect it to work exactly as it does here on this forum…?


@rabbit, sorry this post fell through the cracks. Which control? In the annotation text control (‘Text’ command) right clicking on a misspelled word shows the proper spelling if the word is recognized.

Yes it’s ok in the Jan 2 beta; previously here there was a lag between right clicking on the mis-spelled text and the dictionary kicking in, which made me initially think it wasn’t working.
However, the notes pane is still left out in the cold, which is a pity since I use it as I work…
I don’t see why the notes pane doesn’t get a little love, so it works exactly as the properties for text?