Speed improvements in recent release?

Bit of a funny question. We have a rhino plugin that we use in house. The users are reporting that it is running much faster than it used to. We have discounted most possibilities at our end such as hardware changes, data changes, data storage changes and so I am wondering if one of the Rhino commands that it uses might have sped up within the last release. I can’t see anything obvious in the SR notes [here][1] but I wondered about any undocumented changes. There isn’t a whole lot of special rhino SDK calls going on in this command either but It’s worth a question. The main Rhino calls within the command are:

ClosestPoint (if I had to guess what was faster - I might guess this one)

Anyone know if ClosestPoint is any faster than it used to be?
[1]: https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/sr/rc/changes

I don’t believe there have been any changes in these areas in recent service releases.