Specify standard name for Block definition in Python script

i’m currently writing a script part of which involves creating a block definition using all entities.
I’m using the following command:
rs.Command(’_SelAll _Block 0,0,0’)

The command works fine up until the point that a “Block Definition Properties” window pops up prompting the user to enter details like Name, Description, etc. What command do i use to bypass this and specify a standard name for the group say “ABC”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @enrico556,

Instead of this:

rs.Command(’_SelAll _Block 0,0,0’)

Try this:

rs.Command(’_SelAll _-Block 0,0,0’)

The hyphen character, that precedes the command name, will suppress the command’s dialog box and show the scriptable interface.

– Dale

Hi Dale!

thanks a ton for the tip! Works just fine now.