Spatial Element Geometry - Side element "null" at wall end


As image show below,
when getting room side faces and its related side element,
the side element appears “null” while the face is defined by the end of wall.

Any ideas or its just how it works?

SIDE ELE NULL.rvt (5.1 MB)
SIDE ELE (12.1 KB)

That’s a quirky one, if there isn’t a quick fix to the component via the Revit API it could be dealt with geometrically. (testing wall geometry to the faces is one way)

Hi @Japhy

Here’s another scenario and actually encounter too …
In this case create set can’t pick up that problem wall.

SIDE ELE NULL.rvt (5.4 MB)

How would you like to deal with the condition? unjoining the wall would clear it up, alternatively you could do a collision and then identify the mismatched objects. The grasshopper definition would be slow and not handle all conditions obviously.

So I gave collision a try,
365 walls vs 84 rooms, took 8.9s from my end.

Seem okay for now, but curious how long it would take for my previous project which has 2000 rooms and countless walls :thinking:.