Sparrow middle mouse

Anyone tried out the new sparrow middle mouse button app? It enhances the middle mouse button with several features. It is in food4rhino. I loaded the trial but I could not get it to function at all.

Hi @intuitionusa,

Did the plugin install properly? Does the command Sparrow_Settings autocomplete? If so, you have to run it and from the popup menu (top of it), enable Sparrow first - then it should take over the MMB functionality…


I did the install and it seemed fine. When I type in Sparrow_Settings into the command line rhino recognizes it but does nothing. I did get the sparrow settings icon to show up.

What Rhino version (SR) do you have installed?
So the command autocompletes, but you see no popup menu?

Yes the command autocompletes but I dont see a popup window. SR18

There is a new version available (1.01) with some additional features and bug fixes; so there is a chance you may be able to run it now…
Please check it out at Food4Rhino or DIG.Tools website.