SPANS in rhino

How to delet or add spans in rhino?

i want to re define the numbers of interfacial separations, like degrees!!

use Rebuild? Then you can give u and v spans.

Is that what you are looking for?

ahh shurly … its called point count … thx

Hmm thought it would be the same as with you meant with spans :slight_smile:
Sorry my fault.

But if you say like you want U 20 spans and V 10 spans Change U = 20 and V = 10. Press rebuild… Then The spans will be changed…

Left 2 x 2 ---- Right 20 x 20

Hi Alxwu

Also have a look at the commands:


Less related:


If you want to preserve overall shape, use Rebuild. If you don’t care about shape but want to preserve the vertex Locations of all other control Points, you could just select the rows of CPs you don’t Need and hit delete.

@ willem …thx helpt alot.

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