Span tag & insert into mysql

I get data output with “span tag” cause I cant get data outputs with input tag…

so I cant send datas to mysql database… How can I do that?

  1. I can get data with any other “tag” method?
  2. I can put span tag inside a input tag or something?
  3. I can send span tag to my sql?

Those are the solutions I can think…
Can you lead me to the solution pls?


By the way mysql insert into with ajax and jquery…

I solved the problem as below :

<input type="text" id="deneme" value=""><span  style="display:block;" id="ray_olcusu"> 

<td  colspan="12">    <button class="btn btn-danger btn-block"  onclick="getData1();">



function getData1() {
var res = api.scene.getData({name: 'ray_olcusu'});


document.getElementById("deneme").value = document.getElementById("ray_olcusu").textContent;

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with that way I get value from api.scen to span tag than put that span tag into the input value and so now I can easly insert into the mysql database.