Spacing of points along filleted curve

Trying to create a sheet of corrugated steel, which bends 90 degrees (its the front panel of a reception desk). I have divided my curves up with points, then run curve through points. Where the points go round the 90 degree bend the spacing goes wrong, any tips ? tia
(screenshots attached of the problem and kind of what I’m trying to achieve)

Hello - looks like a control point curve with the points spaced on both curves does something about right?


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Pascal, thanks for chipping in. I can’t seem to get the result you have, can you explain the steps you went through to get that result ? tia

Hello - I don’t say if it is the most efficient but what I did was

  1. Divide the inner curve
  2. Run ClosestPoint with the outer curve pre-selected and snap to every other division point.
  3. Control point curve (Curve command, degree 3) to every point on the outer and every second point on the inner curve.

ClosestPoint with a an asterisk in front will repeat, speeds things up:

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thanks Pascal, it kinda works and should be good enough for my needs :+1:

I’ve tried with _Flow command and it works perfectly. Does this help?

Flow.3dm (3.1 MB)

yes that works a little better, as they say, 100 ways to skin a cat :grin:, thanks for the tip :+1: