Spacing between sheets

Hey, I am using OpenNest for nesting a lot of geometries, but I am having an issue.

I am using curves with offsets, to make sure geometries aren’t colliding. In that way, I don’t need to use the already implemented “Spacing” node in OpenNest.

The problem that I am running into, is that the “Spacing” node, affects both the spacing of geometries nested and the spacing between sheets. Since I am not using the spacing, the sheets are tightly packed, but I could use a little bit of space in between the sheets for visual purposes. Is there any way to implement this without to much hassle?

How it looks right now


How I would like it to look.


Or maybe even more spacing in between sheets. I just don’t want the spacing to affect the geometries as well.


It sounds like you’re looking for something like this :
You can download it for free here : : Marine NEST, CNC, BOM, PACKING, And Workshop docs | Food4Rhino
Im not sure open nest allows you to do what you asked, but I may be wrong.


Create a bounding box or plane through shape for every object and use the centroid of that rectangle to orient the objects.

@Petras_Vestartas you might have some input for this :slight_smile: