Spaces Enclosure Rules with Walls, Curtain Walls, and both

I have rooms the exterior wall assemblies of which haves Vacurtainwalls sitting on a curb. The interior walls are VaCurtain walls and VaWalls at full height. Some of these rooms VaSpaces doesn’t recognize as enclosed. On inspection I can’t find the difference between them. Va Walls are cleaning up and other links seem complete. In the images below, the topmost room isn’t recognized, but the bottom one is. I’m not sure I’m clear on the requirements. 1) WIll any cleaned up VaWalls be okay? What are the rules for 2) Curtain Walls and 3) CurtainWall/Wall intersections?

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Hi @djhg there must be some gap between these curtain walls and walls that are not enclosing the room 100%. If you share the file I can help you find it.

@djhg you may want to check around the doors or wall mullion connections. I’ve had similar issues where the door opening covers up a gap between curtain walls and walls. Using a simple grasshopper script can help find the hole.

If I had to guess, I’d say that your issue is at the wall/mullion connection (circled in green). The line at the bottom appears to go all the way to the centerline of the curtainwall, but the ones above appear to correctly stop at the inside face of the mullion, which looks to be several in/cm deep.

That being said, you bring up a great point. It would be nice if there was a kind of cleanup tolerance for spaces to close similar to the way there is for walls. This cleanup tolerance could often be 4ft or so since you generally would have anything smaller than that connecting a single space.