Spacemouse Navigation issue while Viewing from Top or Bottom

Well a ‘plan’ view is a parallel view, and the spaceball wont rotate a plan view until it’s rotated with the rotate command and regular mouse, first. So, that’s part of my point, is that option technically is deficient in it’s apparent claim to rotate ‘parallel’ views.

And that option is also redundant in that this other option seems to have the same effect:

Although, this option might be more related to the ‘regular’ mouse.

I did however just notice that even the regular mouse wont rotate the plan view until after it’s been commanded by the rotate command first, only then after will the view rotate normally with the regular mouse.

So maybe the developers are purposely locking up the plan view. There’s definitely better ways of going about this behavior – imo. The lockup is completely unnecessary.

And, not really sure I like the new look on the camera frustum in R8 vs R7 in parallel mode, but I guess we’re not really supposed to talk about the frustum so I guess the old frustum no longer applies in parallel mode:

old vs new:

Maybe there’s secret options to change the way it looks. Someday I’d like to have more control over the whole frustum.

Unleash the frustum, I’d say.

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