Spacebar is not the same as Enter for ETO forms

I have users complaining that the spacebar does not behave like the Enter button to pick the highlighted button on the form. I checked that and I see that too. Enter will use the highlighted button but the spacebar moves the focus to other areas of the form.


Is there something I need to add to my script to allow the spacebar to behave as the Enter (so that it is in harmony with what Rhino users are used to)?



Hi @curtisw, do you have any thing you can add here?


The spacebar will interact with the currently focused control. It appears you’ve created a Dialog setting the DefaultButton to the OK button, which explains why it is highlighted (even though not focused).

If you want the spacebar to do the same thing as Enter when the dialog opens, you can set the focus to one of the buttons by calling myButton.Focus() before the dialog is shown.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @curtisw,

I will give that a try first thing in the morning,