Space truss with subd or polysurfaces/ complicated shape (657.2 KB)
05-10.3dm (4.3 MB)

hi i have been working on making space truss underneath big subd
if convert subd to polysurfaces and then explodes there is 49 surfaces coming out…

what i want is something in one space truss so is there any way to make my subd to one surface? or if there is any other methods plz let me know
i want to make smth like this structure

thanks alot
05-07_duplicate.3dm (7.5 MB)
this one is for when cant open top file

There is not a good way to make that one surface. If the one surface is requested bacause it makes it easy to walk along a surface using UV to create points for the spaceframe, that is not going to work well.

For these type of shapes more extensive ways need to be used to split up this SubD (or Polysurface) in a way that makes the spaceframe.

There are multiple ways of doing the split across the SUBd. I expect some others here will have some ideas. But you can tri trimesh on this shape: