Space Tagger - Tagging a furniture with the space name

I wonder if there is a ‘proper’ way of doing this but here is the script that I write for this purpose. (2.9 KB)


It looks good to me! Very useful!
I would say that it is safe enough to check if the base point of the furniture is inside the space volume.

The main problem I see is that in the for loop of the function polySrfFromCrvs(x) on top of looking for the text and curves you should also take into account that spaces may have a hatch, so you have to delete it. It would be something like:
if rs.IsHatch(mTemp):

Another issue is that a space may have a Name but not be visible in the tag of the space, because from the style dialog you can choose what you want to show, then it will fail because the first line of the string would be another thing, for example the area.

About detecting the lines that define the volume by its linetype as Hidden, I can say that it is safe because this linetype is not configurable.

The most important thing however is that the VisualARQ API is missing Space related methods like getSpaceName and getSpaceHeight, that may be very useful in this case. We will let you know when those are available.

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Thanks Ramon for the useful comments. Space related API content would be great!

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Hi @ahmet.unveren,

I just want to let you know that we have just released VisualARQ 2.13, which includes methods for spaces in the API.

You have all the information about this new version here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.13 released