Space mouse not working with Rhino6 sp10

Is it me or Space mouse 3DCONNEXION does not work with Rhino6 SP10?

No problems here so far on Win10Pro V1803 with the 3DxWare64_v10-5-6_r2771 driver.
Knowing what the mistakes are would be helpful.


Win7 x64 pro

I’m sure it worked with Rhino6 SP9

Also it works with 3DEXPERIENCE no problem with it whatsoever.

So, why not update the Driver?
Current version is V. 10.5.11

What you see in the screenshot is after the update process, I guess your driver is for Win10.

But like I said, 3DEXPERIENCE has no problem with it. The problem has to be somewhere else. Also with Rhino 6 SP9 the 3d mouse was working fine. This looks like a regression in my point of view.

Hi @ivelin.peychev,

Is your 3dConnexion device obsolete?

– Dale

That doesn’t look obsolete.

Restarting the PC doesn’t have any effect.
Update of the drivers has no effect.

The mouse isn’t broken because it works normally with 3DEXPERIENCE

Did you check the actual model of the device from the page linked?

Yes Nathan, I did. Plus like I already said, it is working with other software.


Question is have YOU (McNeel) tested if it works before releasing a service pack?

And also as mentioned before it did work with Rhino6 SP9

3dconnexion updated the plug-in bundled with Rhino. AFAIK it requires some very recent driver to function. There have been threads about that on this Discourse forum.

You’ll have to take it up with 3dconnexion if something doesn’t work (anymore), in this case.

I don’t know how easy it is to roll back to an earlier version of the plug-in. @dale, any idea on that?

Not sure I understand.

So Rhino6 SP10 uses different Plugin than SP9?

Not sure why it stopped working for you in SR10, since the plug-in was updated back in SR4

Not sure what we can do, I’ll let at least @dale chip in on that.

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One try.
Is that what you see when you enter the “spacemouse” > “popup_menu” - command in Rhino?


Yes, still nothing happens when I try to use the space mouse.

@Markus, is this something you can help with?

Sorry, then I’m at a loss.
I would try to contact the technical support at 3dconnexion

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I wonder if it’s possible for “McNeel” to allow people use the same 3d mouse driver from Rhino 5 that was included into the early Rhino 6 versions? The way I understand this is, “McNeel” could simply have an optional alternative “legacy” driver for those who work with older models of 3d Connexion’s devices.

3d Connexion’s new models operate vastly inferior compared to the old ones (considerably harder to press/pull and multiple times bigger dead zone that disrupts the sensitivity at slow movements). I was forced to buy SpaceMouse Compact, because my SpacePilot was axed by 3d Connexion’s planned obsolescence that was introduced with their drivers for the recent Rhino 6 releases. I also tried the bigger and expensive models by 3d Connexion at friend’s home, but none of them was able to match the “SpacePilot” that worked flawlessly until Rhino 6.4. I use the highest sensitivity setting where the difference between new and old models is like day and night.

No, this is not possible. Again, please see the following, as it should address any confusion.

Actually, according to 3dConnexion’s obsolete device list, the SpacePilot’s eol was 31-Mar-2010.

– Dale

IVELIN PEYCHEV , maybe a solution for you would be to ask someone who still has SR9 to send you a ZIP-ed copy of his or her “RhinoFS.xml” file. That worked just fine with much older models of the 3d Connexion’s product line when Rhino 6 SR4 bring the totally new 3d mouse driver. It’s strongly recommended to keep a back-up copy of your current “RhinoFS.xml” file and put it into some other folder where you know it will be in a safe place. Once you have this done, do the following:

  1. Disconnect the 3d mouse from the USB of your PC.

  2. Open C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\Cfg and replace RhinoFS.xml with the one from Rhino 6 SR9. You must have Rhino 6 closed when you do this.

  3. Then connect your 3d mouse again, start Rhino 6 and try whether the “new” old 3d mouse plug-in will support it. If not, just follow steps 1 and 2 to revert to the original 3d mouse plug-in for SR10 using your back-up copy.

Alternative possible (but not guaranteed) solution is to try different versions of the 3DxWare64 software, even though they may be designed for other models of 3d Connexion devices. For example, my discontinued SpacePilot works flawlessly with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 (until SR3) only if I use 3DxWare64_v10-3-0_r2161. It also works with the latest 3DS Max evaluation if I use a very old 3DxWare version designed for the discontinued SpaceExplorer.

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The ‘About 3DxWare’ above shows a release version 3.17.8 (released around 10/2/14). There is absolutely no way that the plug-in in Rhino sp10 (actually sp4 and later) will work with that driver. Version 10.5.6 or later is required. IVELIN PEYCHEV will need to upgrade the driver (its the same driver across all windows versions).