Space frame for my masterthesis project- urgent

plz help me
i can`t find a solution

No pictures, no files uploaded = no help


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Space frame for my masterthesis project- urgent

that does unfortunately not pass as a viable description and is wasting others time rather than doing yourself anything good… unless your master thesis involves urgently wasting time and space.

nice picture, though the frame reminds me of a overweight milka cow :stuck_out_tongue: ok ok… space invader i get it…

@Naciye_Gencer is this your thread?

I had a problem with laptop actually it shouldn’t be post this but it happens.
so I cannot log in this account anymore.
so I have a new one.

that’s fine, There’s no need to make a separate thread for getting extra attention to another. You can always bump your thread by posting in that same thread. I’ll close this one now.