Space and Layout Optimization

Good day to all. Im working in a MNC manufacturing company as architecture and space management. I am often require to study to maximize the factory area with the site given. I’m not sure if grasshopper 3D can help me on this but below is my doubt that this software could assist me.

Boundary condition:

  • 60m as building maximum height
  • Building setback of 20m (building and building), 40m (building to main road)
  • Total 4 main building / area to be in a site which are factory building, facility building, admin building and substation. These building required area are tied to the factory area as a ratio as such 1:3 for factory to facility building, 1:2 for factory to admin building. For instance, to build a factory area of 50k sqm, I need 150k sqm (50k sqm * 3) and 100k sqm (50k sqm * 2).

Scenario study - with a given land space, what is the maximum factory area I can built in with other ancillary building such as facility building, open area car park, admin building? I tried to search for the tutorial but couldn’t get the relevant study. It will be helpful if there’s any tutorial of how to maximize the land space with the boundary condition aforementioned before purchase it. Hope any expert here can help on this.

Thank you. Eric

Sounds like a job for the galapagos plug in…