Sound when render complete?

Using Rhino 6 and V-Ray for rendering. Once a render is completed is there a way for Rhino to play a sound notification?

I’ve been searching through the menu’s but I have not found anything.

Hello - you can use Alerter, in Options > Alerter > Play sound file.


Doing some Google searching about this I found this script:

_-RunScript (
Call Main()
Sub Main()
Rhino.Command “_Render”
Rhino.MessageBeep 1
End Sub

It kinda works in that it will start the currently setup render but then immediately plays the sound. MessageBeep 1 is the windows system Exclamation sound. If you have Windows sounds enabled you will hear this sound. But it doesn’t play the sound after the render is done. The script plays it immediately after executing the ‘Rhino.Command “_Render”’ command.

Also tried this one:

! _Render _Run “C:\Windows\Media\Alarm03.wav”

Same thing. It starts the render and immediately plays the wav file. I have VLC set as the wav file player. So it starts the render and immediately opens VLC which plays the wave file.

So neither of those work in regards to initiating the sound AFTER the render has completed.

I’ve also looked at the Alerter in the Options menu. Really no good documentation/examples anywhere that I can find.

I have ‘Enable command alerting’ checked.
For commands to watch I have tried all three of these variations


I have ‘Play a sound file’ checked and have it pointing to the wav file mentioned above.

I also have ‘Run Rhino Commands’ checked and enter


Just to see if I would get a sound or the properties page to open after the render was done.

I get neither when the render finishes.


Bump… Anyone?

How can this not be a ‘thing’? An easy checkmark in options, notify when render complete.

Hello - alerter seems to work here with the Render command - however I am using the Rhino Renderer, I do not have VRay.