Sorting similar surfaces

I have a set of surfaces unfolded. I want to list the same ones of these surfaces. Exactly the same ones. In my system, I could only do this according to one edge. I’m waiting for your help. (160.2 KB)

I want to Find Similar/Same Surfaces. Is there anyone have an idea?

Extract the edge lengths and create the set of the lengths then find which edge is which member. I’m not at my computer but this is how you can do it.

I am still incapable of data and listing. After different attempts, I still could not achieve what I wanted. The system just got a little more complicated. I want to find objects that are the same as what I am trying to express in the attached image. However, I can still list the ones with the same side. (559.5 KB)

If you were just going to create a set based on the rounded values in the colored text dots, its a list with 164 items and the set contains 70 unique values.

Some of the curves contain very short segments (0.015 mm)

I’d suggest to clean up the curves before doing any further sorting.

You can rebuild the curves without “duplicate” points and my first guess would be sorting according to rounded surface area which in the case saved in the file below results in a set with 68 unique values. (572.8 KB)