Sorting mesh objects after boolean difference

Hi Guys,

I’m an advanced Rhino user but new to grasshopper (and questioning why I didn’t learn it sooner).

I’m using grasshopper to automate some design mesh process for multiple files. I’d like to make a mesh boolean difference and then sort the mesh object as connected mesh pieces.

Please also see the attached .3dm and .gh file.

Thanks in advance for any pointers in the right direction! :slight_smile:

mehs boolean difference (3.4 KB)
Mesh booelan difference question.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hi and welcome to Grasshopper!

I too discovered it years after first release, well… better later than never!

The “Disjoint Mesh” component (Mesh tab> Util tab) do exactly what you need.
Then I sorted the meshes by its area (a generic method to found bigger “pieces”, might not always be good for you), then reversed the list and retrieved first item (index “0” with list item component)
mehs boolean difference (5.6 KB)

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HI Riccardo,

Many thanks! going to try this out now!


HI Riccardo,

Just following up on this. It worked a great many thanks!

For anyone else using this solution I had some issues with inner parts of lettering on some models, but I used curves and a boundary surface to ensure that on multiple meshes it worked the same.