Sorting geometries on a grid depending of their area


I am currently doing an urban analysis for a school project and I need some help with a step I need to do with Grasshopper.

My Rhino drawing contains the buildings perimeters on a layer (there are about 1600+ buildings, all are closed polylines).

I successfully managed to calculate the area of these buildings in Grasshopper (their footprint built area) and to sort them by their area along a line :

But it creates a very long line that is not very easy to read.

I’d like to sort them on a grid, with each column of this grid corresponding to an area range. For instance, one column for 0 - 250 sq meters buildings, then a second column for 250 - 500 sq meters etc.

I tried to do this by splitting the list and various things, but nothing worked.

Do you have any clue / idea on how I can achieve this?

Thank you very much!


use the longest list component and place them on a grid.

row 1 - 0 - 250 sq meters buildings
row 2 - 250 - 500 sq meters etc

Thank you for your reply.

But I don’t really understand how I can manage to “place them” on a grid, and how the longest list component work.

This component needs two list to work but I only get one at the output of my GH.

And when you say “place them on a grid”, could you be more precise on the way I can achieve this ? I tried with a rectangular array component but I don’t think this is the good way to do this… :confused:

Those are a lot of questions, much better answered when asked in this format…