Sorting external reference objects along NURBS Surface


(Giovanni Veronesi) #1

Hello there! I urgently need some help please!

Indexing of external reference.pdf (359.0 KB)
Indexing Goal.pdf (619.0 KB)

Our client has supplied us with geometry baked from grasshopper, wont share their script.
I have a baked geometry and a reference surface, when i reference the baked geometry into grasshopper all the indexes are allover the shop. I need to ultimately organize them in vertical rows for fabrication
Is there a way to re-index referenced items based on their position relative to a surface?
Like in the images

Thank you!

(Ethan Gross) #2

Without seeing your secretive objects, my guess would be to sort by the area centroid, assuming they have one. I don’t see what the purpose the underlying surface serves, unless it is oriented in some strange manner or severely warped.
Sort by (13.1 KB)

(Giovanni Veronesi) #3

Thank you Ethan and sorry for the late reply!
The surface is roughly a segment of a torus so xyz sorting wouldnt work. I ended up sorting the centroids along the ref surface’s iso curve in u direction through the center and then sorted again along v direction and it did the trick. CheersB4255_Leaves (71.2 KB)