Sorting Disparate Grouped Curves: Reorder for Lofting

Ive been slowly getting along in GH but Im stuck on the attached example. Im using an image sample to create an audio diffusion wall and its going great but Im trying just to get a basic well into the slots (if you are into audio, the slot depths will be quadratic residue diffusion) and thought I would just have to sort the list of curves and loft but the sorting is trying me…any help appreciated.
See the cross section of the attached pic…the red lines show the base lines Im trying to sew into the existing curves.

back wall (53.6 KB)


back wall (39.6 KB)

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Wow! that is a huge leg up…makes simple sense when on the other side of the hill

Thanks so much Jakinta…

One question…what is the most elegant way to apply a small radius fillet to the hard edges?

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