Sorting Closed and Open Curves

So I am doing a contour of a brep. There are curves that don’t close and I need them to close in order for me to get to next step of creating a framed pieces. I was able to sort between closed and open curves. With sort list command, it lists open curves as 0 and closed as 1. I would like to assign all the 0 data to be a closed curved command. Attached is screen shot of me being able to sort between closed and open. I just need to get to the next step of assigning a command to close all open curves. Please see screen shot as to how I arrived at sorting curves. Attached is definition with the brep as an internalized data.Sorting (223.0 KB)

This could be a way…

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I used Connect Curves with ‘G’ (Continuity) input set to ‘Position’ to close the contours. No need to sort the curves as they are in a logical sequence. (224.3 KB)

Thanks! I actually came up with same solution after I sent this message lol

Thanks, very helpful component!