"Sort Points" misbehaving

As Seinfeld would say “WhaAat’s the deal” ?
Sorting my breps using their center, I am able to sort them in the “Z” direction with “Sort Points” , but in the “X” direction, it’s partly bad.
I checked that my Z values were really equal.

230314_PROG_Sort points bug.gh (609.2 KB)

OK, silly rounding issue for the Z values.
The variations are so small that you can’t even see them despite pushing display precision to the max !

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Round is indeed the solution. For a more general case with different amount of Breps per “floor”, this would work to avoid Partition List :

230314_PROG_Sort points bug.gh (601.0 KB)

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Rounding is often the key to using Sort Points but I can’t see any error at all?

Sort points_2023Mar14a.gh (609.6 KB)

Further examination shows that there is already a logical order to your breps.

Sort points_2023Mar14b.gh (605.3 KB)

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Hi Joseph !

I suppose that the issue is tolerance-related.

Nice little cluster for the colors ! Thanks.

The real issue is loosing track of the logical sequence of breps. :wink:

As noted in the cluster properties:

Derived from ‘Colourful’ (by HS Kim?), 12/18/2020

There are four variants: